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  • Testing Times

    22 April 2014

    Are the current testing regimes for new product developments in the construction industry fit for purpose?

    Steve Broadhurst, Jablite’s Technical Services Manager, examines the issues.

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  • The role of salespeople in value engineering

    11 April 2014

    David Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director at Jablite examines the role of the sales person in the value engineering process

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  • A new form of pension plan?

    10 April 2014

    Now that the dust has settled on the 2014 Budget, we can analyse properly what the outcome of some of the announcements has been.

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  • New House Builds – How Many?

    28 March 2014

    New house building is an emotive subject in the UK.  I frequently have discussions with my parents who steadfastly refuse to believe that the number of homes required is anywhere near the 200,000 per year claimed by the Home Builders Federation and the UK Government, writes Richard Lee, Managing Director, Jablite

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  • Sometimes the best solution requires a re-think…

    21 March 2014

    It is a universally acknowledged fact that effective rainwater run- off on a flat roof will provide the necessary drainage and reduce maintenance, but there are other issues to think about ...

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  • The Value of Failure

    12 March 2014

    “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that do not work” said Thomas Edison about his process of inventing the lightbulb.

    Has the pursuit of success and perfection made failure our greatest fear when we should be seeing it as part of the process?

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  • What is value engineering?

    05 March 2014

    Some thoughts on value engineering by David Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director, Jablite

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  • Specifying Insulation for Inverted Roofs

    24 February 2014

    Inverted roofs, or protected membrane roofs, as they are often called, are an increasingly popular way to design a flat roof construction - David Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director, Jablite, looks at the issues..

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  • How Jablite tapered insulation for inverted roofs came to be invented

    14 January 2014

    Inverted roofs or protected membrane roofs provide one enormous benefit compared to conventional roofs - the life expectancy of the weatherproofing is far longer due to the effective and permanent protection for the membrane,

    However, there is one problem in relation to inverted roofs that until today had not been solved...  by Luke Treadwell, Jablite UK Roofing Manager

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  • Removing one green levy from our energy bills: what will the impact really be?

    06 December 2013
    Posted By: Jabbwocky Jabbwocky

    Richard Lee, Managing Director of Jablite takes a considered look at the impact of the Government's changes to the ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

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